Thursday, December 3, 2009


As I hauled the giant garbage bin to the curb through the pouring rain, I wondered to myself "why did I get married anyway?"

My answers would be the same as most people's, I imagine. I got married because I love him. I got married for the companionship. I got married because he's my best friend. I got married because I want to have children and have a partner to raise them with me. One reason that stands out at the moment though - I got married so that I would never have to take out the garbage again.

You may laugh, but I HATE taking out the garbage. I've had to haul garbage through dark tunnels, I've had to carry it out to sheds, I've had to drag it down alleyways. I kind of thought that when I finally found the "man of my dreams", one of the things he would always do for me was get rid of the damn trash.

As I am learning though (and will probably keep learning until I die) things are not always quite as you imagine they will be. I'm not living in a sweet little house with my two children, husband and a dog, making home cooked meals every night while still pursuing a very fulfilling career and never missing one of my kids' events. I don't go dancing in my made over wedding dress every anniversary the way I thought I would. I am learning that there are many variations on happy.

I hope he's reading this though, because one thing that doesn't fit into any variation of *my* happy is taking out the garbage.

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