Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When do I get my life back?

When I was thinking of having babies, it did occur to me that I would need to devote a certain amount of time to them. I mean, in the beginning, they'll be on the boob every four hours or so; add diapers and snuggling to that and it leaves you time for a shower every few days.

I was naive enough, however, to think that I would get my life back at some point. "When she starts sleeping through the night, I'll have more time..."
"When she's a little older and can play alone for a bit (DREAMING!), I'll have more time..."
"When she starts school, I'll have more time.."
Who am I kidding?? Now that we're in school half days, I think we actually have less time than before. On a good day, it takes us an HOUR to get ready to leave for the school - which is across the street. Even more right now, when chasing kids around the couch with snowsuits and pleading are necessary.

Okay, well, in 4 more years, when both kids are in full day school, if they stay at school for lunch... why, I'll have a whole 6 hours a day to myself! And once I've got all the cooking/cleaning/errands/other stuff I do for other people out of the way, why, I'll likely have a whole 15 minutes to catch a quick nap!

So... I should probably mark it on my calender now that in 14 years when both my girls are old enough that it would be so totally embarrassing and uncool to spend any time with me, I want to go to a movie.

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