Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Show.

So. My husband is playing bass in a show. This show ran for 12 (14?) weeks from November to January and left me a single mother. I did not enjoy the show. I enjoyed the actual show - it's a great show; I didn't enjoy the single motherness. I kept finding myself saying things like "If I'd wanted to be a single mother, I wouldn't have bothered getting married!" and "why don't you just move out?!" Seriously. It was bad.

Tonight... it begins again. He's gone for the first rehearsal now that the show has been re-mounted, and already I'm feeling the pain. I'm normally a very strong person, but I'm also a stay at home mum; I NEED someone to come and help me with the kids after I've been here with them all day. Luckily, this time it'll only be twice a week or so. I should probably warn him though, that the nights he is home, I will be shutting myself in the bedroom as soon as he gets here and not coming out until it's time to kiss my sweet angels goodnight. Or maybe not.

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