Thursday, April 22, 2010

Apparently, it does NOT go without saying.

Today, I watched in bewilderment as my four year old walked intently toward me - making eye contact - and proceeded to dump an entire container of pencil shavings on the floor. I'm still not sure why. It did bring to mind, however, the phrase "it goes without saying."

I do not believe in this phrase. You shouldn't pee in a public place. You really ought to dress warmly in winter. You should eat fruit and vegetables. Being polite will help you get what you want. These are all things that I thought went without saying, but have been proven wrong numerous times, by numerous people.

This is especially not true of children. I find myself saying "no" and "don't" a lot, and was thinking that it must suck to have a mum as negative as I am. I realised today though, that I am not a negative mum. I must say these things to them because if it goes unsaid, they figure it's allowed. So I will continue to say things like "don't dump out the pencil shavings on the floor", "don't feed your sister crayons", "no, you may not go to school in your underwear","do not pour shampoo all over your legs while you're using the potty"; because even though I thought these things could go without saying, I assure you, they cannot.

(I need to add "Don't pour milk on the couch." to the list.)


  1. Also, don't eat discount sushi!!

    You are definitely not negative, it's just your job to teach them right from wrong, which I think is a bummer sometimes because it is no fun to do that. :) I have a friend who was so afraid to say no to her child because she didn't want to be mean. That changed when he entered a biting phase and there really is nothing else you can say but "no!". He had to learn he can't just bite people! You'd think that goes without saying for sure! ;)

    Just wait until it is: "Don't take the car without asking!" :)

  2. Don't eat discount sushi!! And he's 32! :)