Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And So It Begins..?

Argh. I live in a basement. My bedroom and living room both have windows facing out onto the driveway and looking at the neighbour's house. It's not so bad; their driveway is also between us and the house is white, so we do get some light. At certain times of day..

Anyway. That house has been rented out for years and years, with a series of crappy tenants. With the last guys, we were out there a few times, one night/morning at about 4:00 holding our screaming new born and asking them nicely to please shut the f*ck up. (The police were also by a few times...) So when the house went up for sale, we kind of thought that would be good news. We watched people coming to the open houses, perking up every time it was a young couple with small kids.

That was over a year ago. Someone bought the house, but no one moved in. It's been sitting empty all this time, with the lawn getting out of control and occasionally an alarm inside beeping for days at a time (the police came by again - someone eventually broke in and turned it off). Apparently it was waiting for architect drawings and council approvals, etc, because now they're going to tear down the cute little bungalow and erect some monster house. They parked this load lifter here a few months ago, and I've been glaring at it ever since, just waiting for the noise and dirt to start.

It seems that it's finally about to start. Someone came by earlier today and put up a protective barrier around the tree in the front yard. Although, I suppose since the load lifter's been here long enough for the tires to deflate, maybe I still don't need to worry yet?


  1. NICE.... I feel your neighbor pain. Especially the beeping. Our neighbor's car battery has been dying repeatedly lately (because they're hermits and go nowhere), and they let their car alarm beep ALL NIGHT LONG. (sigh)

  2. We're still just crossing our fingers that when all this construction/disruption is said and done that a nice family with two little kids - or maybe, better yet, a really nice kid of babysitter age! - move in next-door. :)