Thursday, September 16, 2010

On a more serious note...

I worry about this all the time. I know how much the ridiculous societal standard of beauty has affected my every day life, and I shudder to think of my daughters going through some of the crap I've been through regarding their own bodies. It starts early, and I'm trying my best to never put myself down in front of them. I can't protect them forever though; I can only hope that things will change and that, miraculously, women will stop torturing themselves and the women around them and be happy with who and what they are. Advertising and the images of women that are out there right now are not very promising though. One campaign that I can get behind is the Dove "real women" campaign. Women come in all shapes in sizes and we are all amazing, regardless of age lines, stretch marks, or (the ultimate sin) being overweight. I think the worst part is that we're all aware of the situation, and it still continues.

I tried to embed this, but couldn't get it to size properly - have I mentioned I'm pretty new at this? Anyway - go watch the video.

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