Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm (Not) An Addict.

Okay, so I've already admitted that I'm a hoarder. Let it be known that I am also... an addict.
I need it. If I don't get my fix, I get jittery.

I can't help myself. Books have always been a weak spot for me. I love them. I love reading them, I love holding them, I love looking at them. When I was a teenager, I worked in the University Law Library and sometimes I would even stay after my shift and read the law magazines. Even the odd case study or two. When I managed to get away for 2 (2!) whole days, all by myself, this summer, I packed 4 books. One was a Romance, one was historical, one was a series of scientific essays and the other was a children's book I was vetting for suitability. I mean, you can never be sure what you'll be in the mood for, right? I know, I know... but it's mostly under control now.

But. Just when I can walk by (perhaps not through, but I'm working on it) a book store without buying anything... along comes the Scholastic book order form. It rides home in her backpack once a month. When it gets here, I take it out and put it to the side until they've gone to bed so I can salivate over enjoy it uninterrupted. Look at all these books! Just look at them! And the deals in there... well, it would be ridiculous not to buy some... and it supports the school...

They've made it impossible for me to resist; combining books and an interest in my girls' future. So although I'm avoiding buying new books for me, I'm going to give in to Scholastic.

I really want to instill a love of reading in my girls. It's so important; the world just opens up to you when you can get your hands on all that information. Even more so when you enjoy it.

However, I probably didn't really need the book on how to make balloon animals.


  1. Hello cutie, I came here from Shauna Glenn's. I love books too. I like your writing, it's very 'easy on the ears' to read it. Go girl friend! xo Michaela (My main blog is Oxygen, if you look at my profile)

  2. Thanks, Michaela! That's really nice to hear :)