Monday, September 27, 2010

Katy Perry is Just Too Sexy.

It's really hard for me to believe that anyone had a problem with this. She's playing dress up. With Elmo. On Sesame Street. What could be more de-sexualised than that?

I'm trying to imagine the parents who complained about the segment with Katy Perry doing a duet of Hot and Cold on Sesame Street with Elmo. Sitting in their living rooms with the curtains drawn, the T.V turned to the wall, playing cards with their kids - with the Queens removed; wouldn't want those saucy bitches giving their young 'uns any ideas now. Does the fact that I've watched this video on YouTube with my kids at least 6 times today mean that I'm a horrible mother?

Let's have a look at some of the other entertainment my children love (and probably yours too):

I give you... The Little Mermaid. In which: a 16 year old, barely clad mermaid decides that she's not going to listen to her father, because she's a grown up, damnit. She makes a deal with the Sea Witch and almost loses her father his kingdom. (When she gets her human legs? And she's first on land? She's NAKED!) It's a happy ending though, because the 16 year old - on three days acquaintance - ends up married to the handsome prince. He has a dog, so he must be okay.

Tinkerbell. Ahhhh... Tinkerbell. Best known to my generation as Peter Pan's little fairy friend. Nowadays, she's a breakout star with her own series of movies. I haven't seen all of them, but based on the two that I have seen - Tinkerbell is another sort of spoiled girl who doesn't like to wear much. I'm hoping that she's learned something from the Linsday Lohan/Paris Hilton set and fashioned herself some leafy undergarments.

Princess Jasmine. I'm actually pretty fond of Princess Jasmine. Even though she is disobeying her father, at least it's because she's a grown up and doesn't feel that she should be forced into a loveless marriage - you go girl! Still. She doesn't wear much.

I've seen people walking down the street in less than Katy Perry is wearing in this video. So what was really the problem with the Elmo duet? Is it because she's a real, live person instead of a cartoon? Is it because of what she's wearing, or is it because of preconceived notions of who Katy Perry is in the minds of those parents? Would those same parents ban their children from watching figure skating? Ballroom dancing? Tennis? Where does it end?! I know that my girls have never seen Katy Perry in any context other than this video and have no idea that she's "sexy" or, in fact, any idea of what "sexy" means.

When I asked my 2 year old what she thought of Katy's outfit, she replied "Miss Katy want to play dess-up, but Emmo dust want to play tag!"


  1. LOL - I agree on the Disney Princesses - and good points. I think probably it has to do with the preconceived notions and reputation of Katy Perry, which, as you say, kids don't know about.

    Personally, I would never make a stink about it or even mind my child watching it, but I understand the concept that Children's television should promote role models that are healthy, on and off the Children's television screen. i.e., it should be someone that I wouldn't mind my daughter seeing on Sesame Street OR singing one of her songs in concert.

    But unfortunately, those are pretty hard to come by.

  2. It's just strange to me, the things that people get upset about. I mean... she's a woman, she's got breasts.

    I understand the role model thing too, although really, Katy Perry isn't that terrible a role model. And really, compared to some of their previous celebrity guests (Ricky Gervais who's known for his mysogonistic jokes?, Cheech Marin? Ice-T who wrote such hits as "cop killer"?), Katy's pretty wholesome. Did you know she started out doing Gospel music?

    I'm just glad they left it up on YouTube so that my daughters could enjoy it with me!