Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only in My Dreams.

Let's hope so anyway. I could be a professional worrier. I'm very very good at it. If there is anything at all to worry about, (and even if there's not) I'll do it with gusto.

So, I've mentioned that my sister is getting married, right? Well, I have the pleasure of being the sister-of-honour. I may have also mentioned that I'm kind of artsy crafty. I also tend to take on more than I really ought to.

So. For my sister's wedding, I'm making head wreaths, baskets, swags, centerpieces (with help), the bouquet, the boutonniere, shortening some necklaces and providing a couple of flower girls. So of course, even though I'm done most of what I have to do, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking "Oh my god! I still have to do..."

I've also had a number of dreams of possible ways I could screw up my sister's wedding. Seriously, I wasn't even this stressed about my wedding.

Here are the various scenarios that are highly unlikely to happen, but that my fertile mind insists on reviewing as I sleep:

1. The 8000ft of tulle that I've been sewing flowers onto probably won't come to life and strangle me.

2. It is unlikely that I will have some sort of incident that requires me to wear an eye-patch. And I figured that one out anyway; I will stand sideways in the pictures.

3. It is implausible that as we get ready I am going to slip in the bathroom, hit my head on the toilet and split my head open and need to be taken to the hospital. And even if this did happen, as long as it's after the ceremony, it just means that I don't have to do a speech and someone gets extra cake.

4. It is dubious that someone is going to break into my house and murder me the night before the wedding. Seriously. I dreamed that I even said to the guy, "look, my sister's wedding is tomorrow and I really need to be there... could you come back next week?"

In a couple of days (assuming that no one is abducted, my husband doesn't leave me, and I don't misplace one of my children) I'll be sitting in a lovely room, surrounded by family and eating roast beef, with my happily married sister and new little brother. That night, snuggled in my bed, I'll start dreaming about normal things again; like being crushed by piles of dishes.


  1. I nearly spit my wine out reading all the things you've taken on for this wedding -- on top of caring for two little ones! You're a serious sister of the year contender.

  2. I have to agree - sister of the year for sure! I have no idea how you have time to do all that!

  3. I really love my sister!
    (Plus, I'm an idiot ;)

  4. I really love my sister too! She got all the talent in the family... All the stuff she's done for my wedding is amazing and I'm very grateful!