Thursday, September 9, 2010

The School Bells Sound Like a Choir of Angels.

What the hell happened to the summer?

You may notice that there is not one single post between when school ended and when school began. This was not by design, friends. I naively approached my first summer with a school-aged child full of plans and high hopes. I used to have my angel home all day, every day right? So what's the big deal?

During the school year, the day goes like this: We wake up, we very very slowly start our day (thank god for afternoon kindergarten!), we play for the morning - maybe go to the library or the park, we have lunch, we get ready for school. This is when school, nap and mommy's quiet time all combine for a harmonious hour and half of peace and quiet.

The shakiest part of my summer plan was this: I would maintain quiet time. Baby B would have her nap and mommy and Big B would quietly read a book, perhaps colour... and lets be honest, I was hoping there would be some dozing. Not to be. Quiet time is boring. Especially during the time that you've gotten used to running around with other children and doing things like music and gym.

So I brought out the craft projects - I forgot that for a four year old, something that can take painstaking-likes-to-get-it-perfect mommy 20 minutes, it only takes 2.

I tried work books. She got through an entire 200 page workbook in one afternoon of quiet time.

We tried playing games. I am not the most patient person in the world, but I really thought that I had more in me than I apparently do. Games for 4 year olds are BORING! Be honest, they are. I don't know a single mum who actually enjoys playing board games with their little ones. Maybe once we get into Settler's of Cattan or something, I'll be able to sit down and play a game with her, but anything that involves Dora or Diego will never darken my doorway again.

So, here's the gist of the summer:

My parents bought a new house that needed to be gutted (we're not done yet), cleaned and refinished. They'll be selling their old house, which I was born in (really, in the front room upstairs) and so I'm a little sad. Although not as sad as I thought I'd be, since my actual room was torn down and replaced with my brother's living room (now my sister's dining room) years ago.

There was a hysterical pregnancy. Which is to say I thought I was pregnant and was hysterical. I'd named the bump William by the time it became evident that, no, there is no baby and I should just do some sit ups.

My sister's wedding has been chugging along - almost time for that. There's been invitations, dress shopping, fittings, meetings. I've agreed to do the headpieces for the flower girls (who are going to be so FREAKING CUTE!) and the swag thingys to decorate front of the church and the head table. Husband is doing all the musical stuff - processional, recessional, reception, etc. .. so we've been pretty busy with that stuff.

Somewhere in there, Big B learned to read! She actually takes turns with us reading the bedtime story now, which I have to say is pretty darn exciting. More so for the fact that she's admitting she can read now - I have my suspicions that she's been able to read for a while now and just didn't want to tell us in case we decided to stop reading to her.

Birthday parties and barbecues, illnesses, car explosions (not literally - just the stupid van keeps dying at inopportune times, so it may as well have blown up) and other random events took up the rest of the time.

Seriously, I don't know where it went. I didn't manage to crack a book the whole summer and two days in to her school year, I've already written three exams.

Also, right now? I'm sitting, with my feet up, at the computer and eating a piece of cake right out of the tray and no one is bothering me.

I love school.

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