Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Fresh Hell is This?

I know that I've mentioned that my little sister is getting married. It's looming quite close at this point - October 2nd is the big day.


Before I start, I would like to say (mostly because I know that my sister reads my blog occasionally - Hiya! *waves*) that I am happy my sister is getting married and I'm totally honored that she's chosen to involve my husband, my two girls and myself. I don't mind doing this work, because I love her and I want her happy and calm on her wedding day.

***end disclaimer***

Sooo... anyway. Today, we took the girls shoe shopping. They must have matching black Mary-Janes, un-shiny. First we looked in Zellers. Not a single simple, black shoe to be had. (I bought my shoes last weekend and I had the same problem but managed to find the perfect shoes and then had to go to another store to get my size.) So, on to the next store.

Before I go any further, I have to tell you that I only had one daughter with me. My husband and I had decided that we could split the errands we had to do at the mall and he would take the younger daughter, while I would have the older (hopefully more cooperative) daughter with me for the shoe expedition. I had a brilliant stroke of genius and traced around Baby B's foot and cut it out before we left the house; this could then be inserted into the shoes to make sure they'd fit, even though I was pretty sure of her size anyway.

At the next store, we had better luck. I found several pairs of passable shoes and was lining them up to appraise. Okay. Great. Now to find a pair in each of their sizes. Apparently, this is practically freaking impossible, because the styles are different in "toddler" and "children's" sizes. So I sat Big B on a stool and wandered up and down the aisle checking in each and every box, enlisted the help of a salesperson and then had B join us in looking. Eventually, after what seemed like forever, close to tears - we found them. The perfect, simple, black shoes. One pair in each size. Oh, thank god. I paid for them. I was pleased.

They don't fit. Baby B's feet have either shrunk about 1/2 an inch while we were shopping today, or I just didn't do a very good job. Either way, I've got to go back and hope to heaven that they've got a pair in the smaller size or I'll have to return them both and start all over again. So please, if you're a praying kind of person, or if you're not, think good thoughts for me tonight, k?

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