Sunday, October 31, 2010

And Then Life Happens.

I've been trying to write every day. I think I've been pretty good about it; at least every school day when Beege isn't here and Kee is sleeping. Apparently, if that hour and a half doesn't happen, I don't get anything done.

On Thursday, I had every intention of writing. Until Kee threw herself down the stairs. Okay, I'm pretty sure she slipped but the effect was the same. She was fine, but I kept her up through nap time to keep an eye on her, considering that this has been her second head injury in as many weeks. After a cup of tea (warm milk in a big girl mug) and a couple of cookies, she was right as rain.

On Friday, I brought Kee in to school to hang out with Beege's class for the halloween party. Wow. I don't think that kindergarten can ever be truly organised, what with the 4 year olds and all, but when you stuff them full of candy there is a special kind of chaos. We did a costume parade through the school, ate a lot of junk and got to let them loose with the rest of the school in the gym at the Halloween dance. I also forgot my camera. And her teacher was dressed at the Paper Bag Princess. The world's surliest, hairiest Paper Bag Princess. It was pretty awesome.

So today, I'm ignoring my children for the moment and steeling myself for Halloween. There will be pumpkin carving, there will be children in costumes and there will be banging on stranger's doors and demanding candy. There will be utter (happy) exhaustion. Hopefully, there will also be pictures.

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