Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apparently, There is Such a Thing as Too Much Love.

Let me introduce you to Baby B, who I fondly call Keebee. She is a daredevil. If there is anything around to climb, not only will she climb it, but then she will throw herself off of it. She is super tough. I can't count the number of times she's fallen off things, tripped over things, banged herself up on things; but not until yesterday has she really been hurt. And all it took was a hug.

Yesterday when we went to pick up Big B (Beege) from school, Keebee saw her big sister, yelled "BEEGE!" and ran towards her. At the exact same moment, Beege saw her little sister, yelled "KEEBEE!" and ran towards her.

Now I'm not exactly clear on the physics here, but apparently, two sturdy little bodies of slightly different masses running towards each other as fast as they can is not such a good idea. They smacked into each other and toppled over, with Keebee on the bottom. Her head hit the concrete and bounced. She screamed.

She settled down after a few minutes and we came home. She seemed fine for a little bit, and we were sitting on the couch watching a show together when she started vomiting. We're talking a lot of vomit. Then she started looking unfocused and turning her head from the show, saying "it's too loud!"

I called my husband and he came right home to spirit her away to the emergency room. That was 4:45. I really, really hate waiting for information at times like this. I didn't hear from them again until 9:00, when I finally caved in and called them. She had vomited a lot more, seen a doctor, and was now waiting around to see another doctor.

I finally got a phone call around midnight letting me know that they were coming home. Keebee had stopped vomiting, perked up, and was asking for McDonald's. She had also, when asked if she'd like to sleep over at the hospital, emphatically said "NO!" We got her tucked in her own bed with her own blankie at about 1:00am.

So, it was just what I thought - a concussion - and she is fine now, we're just supposed to keep an eye on her for speaking in tongues and head spinning. Holy crap is it scary though! Sitting at home waiting for news from the hospital is one of the most horrible experiences I've ever had; They're there and I'm here and there's nothing I can do, when I'm supposed to be the one who can DO something.

Beege was much more calm about the whole thing; maybe because of all the time she herself has spent hanging around hospitals. She did say, that from now on, she will let Keebee run to her because she's bigger and won't get knocked over. She's very wise.

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