Thursday, October 7, 2010


So. Today I was going to go and volunteer again at Beege's school. Keebee was very excited and got ready without having to be chased down and forced into clothes. She had her little back pack on, with her snack and spare diaper inside. We went over to the school yard and the girls played together until it was time to line up, then they both put on their backpacks and got into line. "Hello Mr. G!" said Keebee, happily.

Unfortunately, Mr. G did not want us. He said that Keebee distracted the kids and that since I had to keep an eye on her, she distracted me. He figured that there wasn't much point in our coming in if I'd just be doing what I would be doing at home; ie. watching Kee. Huh.

Kee was okay when I told her that we wouldn't be going today, because I had warned her that they might not need any help and the if they didn't, we would have a picnic instead. Beege, however, teared up. And now I have to tell her that we won't be coming back at all.

I do understand that we shouldn't be there if we're distracting the kids, but I'm wondering when exactly we were doing that. From what I saw, except for sitting in a circle on the rug for attendance, Kee just did what the other kids were doing. For my part, I did what the teacher asked me to. If he felt that she was too distracting, he should have mentioned it at the time, instead of two weeks later.

I also understand that a part of me is actually upset because, as well as wanting to make my kids happy, I was thinking of volunteering in the classroom as a way to belong to the school community. I thought it would be a nice way to get to know some of the other parents and be involved.

For the most part, I like Beege's teacher, but for today he's in the "douche" column.

Also? Dude didn't notice when one of the kids in his class went outside with another class until the other teacher brought her back.

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