Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canada; Not So Much For Nudists.

Before anyone gets disappointed, there are, in fact, many nudist/naturist clubs in Canada. It's just that my daughter does not, in fact, belong to one.

Keebee is two. This kid loves playing dress-up. She will wear two dresses, some pants, a jacket and 4 hats. However, try and get her to put on some regular old keep- you-warm kind of clothes, and she pitches a fit. It takes about 45 minutes (not including socks, which would take another half hour or so, if I really felt like banging my head against that particular wall) to get her into pants and a shirt; at which point, you have to pick her up football style and run her outside before she realises what's happening. If you give her half a chance, she will strip back down to her diaper. Sometimes she'll shuck her diaper too.

Don't think that I haven't tried to get her to go out in the costume stuff, either. I really don't care what she's wearing, so long as she's warm enough and isn't going to trip on it. She, sadly, thinks of the dress-up clothes as indoor clothes and is "not gonna wear INSIDE clodes OUTSIDE!!"

This is a fairly recent development, actually... it's just unfortunate that it's happening in Canada, in October. Now is not the time to decide that you don't want to wear clothes. If she wants to be a nudist/naturist when she grows up, well, that's her call. For the moment, however, I am the mum, and she will wear a freaking coat.

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