Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy Crap.

So, I was over having a look at Grasping for Objectivity this morning, and nearly fainted. She (Rachel) has done a post about all the odd catalogues she's receiving now that she's expecting again. I've never heard of these places. (That's not the part that I nearly fainted over.)

The Posh Tots catalogue is something else altogether. First of all, I'm really really surprised that they would send this to anyone who's not Tom Cruise. In this catalogue, you can find a children's bed ranging from $800 for a rather plain/ordinary bed to $47,000, (Yes. $47,000.) for this gorgeous fantasy carriage bed.

Even though a number of things on their web site are the same price as a car/down payment on a house, and I could never buy anything like that because there's no way I could justify having that kind of money to toss down the toilet and not using it for a worthier cause; I want that catalogue. I want to drool and dream over it and file away ideas in case my girls ever do want me to build them a pirate ship in the backyard. I'm looking forward to an entire theme park in the back yard. There are times when having an erstwhile costume/set designer for a Mum can benefit you, after all.

Also, if anyone who's planning on buying me a birthday present has an extra $23,400 laying around (plus S&H, I'm sure), this is what I'd like.


  1. LOL - do I need to mail you my copy of the catalog??

  2. hmm... before I answer this, I need to ask you a question: would I sound completely insane if I said "Oh my gosh, WOULD YOU?!?"

  3. No!! I've had my fun with it, and I'm not too cheap to send mail to Canada, even if Posh Tots is :)

    Just email me your address!