Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

I think that I have an issue - well, I have many issues, but one in particular today. I love holidays. I love them a lot... and now that I am responsible for them, I always feel kind of let down. I've always had images in my head of the family that I would have when I was "grown up". I certainly have that family, but darn it, they just won't behave the way they're supposed to.

Thanksgiving is a perfect example:

We didn't have that perfect turkey. Even I am not crazy enough to think that my daughters are going to eat turkey. They turn their noses up at almost anything new, even when it smells as delicious as turkey. So I bought a great big turkey boob to share with Husband and make into lovely leftovers. It is hardly the same thing, let me tell you. By the time it was cooked and I'd ripped the netting off of the outside, it looked like it had been mauled by a wild animal. It tasted okay, but not quite what I was after.

We didn't sit around the table and say one thing that we were thankful for about each other. We almost sat there with the TV on, until I said (quite petulantly, I'll admit) "can't we even have the TV off?"

We didn't go on an after dinner walk in the fading sunlight. But my husband and the girls did make a run over to the playground while I sat around in my pajamas waiting for the turkey boob to be done.

Although I spent most of the time in the kitchen, and I could only coerce one kid to eat corn and the other to eat carrots, Thanksgiving was still a day to be remembered. My girls got some alone time with their daddy, which I always approve of. They made up a thanksgiving song about what they're thankful for; ie. mummy, daddy, toys, their shoes, etc. We finished up the day with ice cream, a bath, a story and bellybutton kissing.

Also? Beege said that when she's "big and moves far away," she'll "come home and make Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies" with me. So I'm good.

But I think next year we'll go to my mother's.

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