Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keep Your Husband...

Ditch the shoes.

I've been hanging onto my wedding shoes for six years. Alright... a lot of people kept their wedding shoes, dresses, jewellery, bouquets, etc. This is not one of the weirdest things I could have laying around. Except, I hated my wedding shoes. Hated them. They were beautiful in the box, but hurt like hell to wear.

My mum bought them for me - without my trying them on or seeing them - and had them dyed to match my dress. I would not advise this approach to anyone. Your daughter, while she may say thank you and say they're lovely, probably wanted to pick out her own shoes. But that's a whole other thing.

I only managed to wear them through the ceremony and had to switch into some pink slippers that happened to be in the car because it felt like my toes were being sliced off and my arch was collapsing.

Anyway. I've been hanging onto these things for the past six years. Moving them from place to place, opening up the box to see what it was every once in a while; and every time saying "oh. It's my wedding shoes," then closing the box and stuffing them in the back of the closet again. The funny thing is, between times, I don't even remember what they look like.

Well, I've finally decided to get rid of them. Now that there are 4 pairs of feet running around in our limited space, I've got to make room for shoes that might actually be worn. I agonised a little bit - they're my wedding shoes - but feel freed by the decision.

Now that those shoes are going, I can also get rid of my prom shoes (which never really fit), my old work shoes (which I just hung onto because they were expensive), the shoes from my sister's wedding (which were similarly painful, yet attractive)...

The best part is that getting rid of the wedding shoes paves the way for getting rid of all kinds of other 'sentimental' junk that I'm hanging on to.

Let the purging begin!


  1. Well, I'm SURE I'd still have my wedding shoes, had I worn any. But alas, I was barefoot.

    I will admit, however, that nearly 10 years later, our disgusting-now-cardboard wedding cake top is still in our downstairs freezer.

    Wanna come over for dessert?

  2. Rachel, that sounds absolutely delicious!
    I don't know when I'll be in Alabama, but you can hang on to it for me, right?