Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Post Wedding Wrap Up.

The post that would have gone up Monday, before my kid knocked herself senseless and if my internet had been up.

The wedding is over! My sister is all married off and away on her honeymoon. Everything went well; none of my nightmares came true - for the most part.
While *I* did not fall and hit my head and have to be taken to the hospital, our grandfather did. He is, thank goodness, absolutely fine - apparently thick skulls run in the family. But he did fall, and did have to be taken to the hospital. He fell in the morning, but was front and center at the ceremony, smiling despite his uncomfy suit and the scrapes on his nose.

As with all weddings, there were a few hiccups:

1. Hair. My sister has beautiful, thick hair that will unfortunately not hold a curl no matter how much you will it too. We wanted curls. We tried hard for curls, but alas, it was not to be. Luckily, starting out with thick, beautiful hair means your hair is going to look good, no matter what. So take that, stupid curling iron.

2. Shoes. I've already mentioned a few difficulties finding shoes in the first place. We're just not good at anything other than running shoes, my sister and I. She ended up wearing her shoes only until we were at the reception and then running around barefoot. I stuck it out, and ended up with shin splints.

3. Possible wardrobe malfunctions. As someone who hasn't "dressed up" much in the past few years, I was a little worried about wardrobe malfunctions. I know perfectly well that Keebee likes to grab the front of my shirt as I put her down. When I got into my bridesmaid's dress and looked down to see porno boobs precariously situated in not nearly enough dress, I have to admit that I was worried. I'm pleased to say that not one time did they escape. They behaved themselves quite nicely and don't even look quite as uhm... porno-y.. in the pictures as I thought they would.
I also wore thigh-high nylons because I don't like the way full nylons press into my stomach. Big mistake. This may not be a problem for some people, but those of us with, let's say... "generous" thighs, please take note: apparently, thigh-highs plus running around like a chicken with your head cut off equals morning after pain shorts.

4. The officiant. He was the same man who did the ceremony for my wedding. At my wedding though, he wasn't late and he didn't seem tipsy. In the end, he was pretty funny and I can't think of a better way to enter your marriage than laughing.

5. My speech. Okay, okay, I didn't write anything down. I'd been working on it in my head for months though! That counts, right? I forgot my speech. I left out entire witty chunks about how wonderful my sister is and how people mistake her for the older sister, not only because I'm immature, but also because she's always looked after me. I forgot to mention how it's no wonder that someone as loving and loyal as she is found her career in looking after children. I forgot to talk about how strong she is and how proud I am of her. I *did* remember to welcome my new brother-in-law into the family. I also remembered the rest of it later and made her sit through it. And now I'm writing it here, and she sometimes reads this (*waves* Hi, sister!) so that's okay.

Despite some things going wrong, there were certainly some things that went right. My girls were wonderful; thank heavens for Grandmas and "Where's Waldo?" for the iphone. The weather held up for photos, the food was delicious and we all had a good time. Besides, the hiccups are what makes a wedding memorable. Who doesn't love a story about a ring bearer curling up on the bride's train during the ceremony? I stuck my tongue out at my husband on my way down the aisle and he tried to put my ring on the wrong finger; these are the things you remember!

Have you ever been to a wedding where you were sitting there wondering how long it would last? This was not one of those weddings. I didn't get to see my sister's face, but I did get to see his, and I am fully satisfied that he loves my sister. You could practically see the happiness radiating off of him. I got to stand by my sister as she married the man she loves and see how much he loves her too. Nothing could have made me happier.

Although, I could've done without the pain shorts.

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  1. Pain shorts - LOL! Glad everything went well and big congratulations!

    I agree that the hiccups are what's memorable. At my sister's wedding she had lit candles on all the tables. When the wait staff started handing out the paper napkin-lined baskets of buns, table after table of bun baskets caught on fire. All the fires were put out easily (no sprinkler system went off, thank goodness!) and all went smoothly after that, but that is my favourite story from her wedding!