Monday, October 18, 2010

Should I Start Planning the Wedding?

I was watching "Sister Wives" last night with my husband - for some reason, I cannot get enough of that show - and we decided that maybe I need a sister wife.

I know, that might sound odd, but think about it; someone to help around the house? Someone to help raise the kids? Someone to take over when you really need a day to lay down? It could work!

These women appear to have a really great relationship. They all love each other's children as if they were their own, they each care about each other as if they were family... there are totally some pros to the situation.

Now, of course, if there were to be some other woman welcomed into this marriage, I would totally have to be the one to pick her. She would have to be friendly, good with kids, a hard worker and completely uninterested in having sex with my husband. It would be great to have someone live here who I could be friends with and share the duties of the household... but I couldn't see sharing my husband.

Even if I could stand the thought of my husband down the hall with some other woman - and I most certainly cannot - I would be too afraid of him turning into this douche-tard.

So, upon further discussion, we decided that we don't need a sister-wife. We need a live-in nanny.*

*Who would still not be allowed have sex with my husband.

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