Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Dreams...

I fondly remember bedtime when Beege was a baby. Nursing her in the rocking chair in her room, singing to her and then putting a sleepy baby down to sleep. No problem. Even as she got older, She'd snuggle in with her bottle while I read her a story and then calmly go to sleep. This kid slept through the night (with occasional hiccups) at 5 weeks. Heaven.

From the very first night in the hospital, the only way Kee would sleep was if I curled up around her with her head on my shoulder and hummed; which was not really conducive to a good night of sleep for me. When we got her home, she still didn't seem to think that sleeping was necessary; at least at bedtime. She would nap just fine; if I hadn't had a 2 1/2 year old running around, I might have been able to follow the "sleep when the baby's sleeping" advice.

Every night without fail, at about 10pm, Kee would start screaming. Not just crying, but screaming. She would scream and scream until she started twitching and passed out.* She'd sleep for about 20 minutes and then wake up and do it again. Every night. All night. And while this was going on, I would hold her, bounce her, rock her, sing to her - while she screamed in my face - and wonder why this beautiful little baby hated me. She would eventually fall asleep for a longer period at about 4am. Then a couple of hours later, Beege would wake up and the day would begin.

Once she finally settled down at about 1 year old, we moved her in with Beege, and I re-arranged the bedroom furniture to counteract the PTSD*, there was peace at night. Mostly.

So. Keebee has never been a good sleeper. I've also mentioned that she likes to climb things? One day I walked in there and she was standing up on the side (yes, the side) of the crib, balancing with one hand against the wall. I wasn't quite ready to give up the baby containment unit but, as it wasn't doing a very good job containing the baby, it had to go.

So. Now we have two girls, both in big girl beds, side by side because there is no other possible furniture configuration. We get them ready for bed, read them a story and tuck them in with kisses and hugs. Once we've backed out of the room with our fingers crossed, we huddle around the baby monitor and hope for the best. Then we hear this:

"Keebee! Get off me!"
"MOooooooom! KEE BIT ME!"
WHAM! (This is usually one of them being pushed off a bed, or something being thrown...)

Whoever loses 'rock,paper, scissors' goes in and rights the situation. Five minutes pass. Repeat. For at least an hour. Although the dialogue changes, the situation remains the same; one or the other has gotten into the other ones bed, taken her toy, stolen her blanket, whatever.

I'm really hoping that this, like the screaming, is a phase that will be (in the grand scheme of things) short lived.

*I couldn't enter my bedroom without hyperventilating - I totally think it counts as Post traumatic stress.

*We did have her checked out, and nothing was actually wrong with her. My husband maintains that she had an immature nervous system, since she also freaked out if there were any loud noises or flashing lights. I (at the time) was pretty sure that she was possessed.

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