Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Can't Win 'Em All.

You really can't. That's why I've decided that from this day forward I will only enter contests where the prize is something I actually want/need. Just in case there really is someone keeping track, I don't want to waste the times I do get to win on crap I don't need. Also, given the current state of my seemingly-shrinking home, I've decided that I will enter contests as if I know I will win the prize; ie. I will make sure that I have somewhere to put it or some way to use it.

So if I somehow do win a prize, I won't be left wondering what the hell to do with it. Like say, this thing:

Beege receives a magazine for children called "Chirp." Every once in a while, there's a contest where you have to draw a picture of you/your pet/your grandma riding/playing with/eating a train/ball/vegetable (you get the idea) and send it in. I imagine these are all random draws, because there is no way to judge pictures done by 4-6 year-olds. So every once in a while we enter one, and apparently, we won one; I'm still not sure what the contest was.

So now I've got this gigantic wooden "tree house play set" still in it's box, hiding up in the attic, -- I somehow managed to get it in without anyone noticing -- probably until we move. Our playroom is also our living/dining/craft/office room, so there really is nowhere to set it up. At least until our .. exuberant .. girls learn a little self control.

I really did consider giving it away - but look at it! It's cool! Just out of curiousity, I found it online, and not only is it eco-friendly, all natural, etc... but it's pretty darned expensive. I would not be able to replace it - and it just showed up at the door!

So here's the question: Do we give it to them as, say, a Christmas present; do we pretend at a later date that it only just showed up and she won it recently; or do we tell her that she won it a year ago (or however long until we find a new place) and then hope she doesn't freak out because we didn't let her have it right away?

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