Thursday, November 4, 2010

Found It!

So I finally found the USB cable for my camera and ran over to hook it up and upload all the awesome pictures of my princess and pumpkin, to find that there were no awesome pictures.

"Why not," you ask? Well, here's how Halloween went down:

5:30pm - "EAT YOUR SUPPER! If you DON'T EAT, we are NOT going to run around getting candy!"

6:00pm - There is a pumpkin to be carved, a diaper to be changed, potty to be used, hair to be combed, costumes to be donned, and trick-or-treat buckets to be found.

6:15pm - I put the pumpkin outside to find that it is sleeting. Sa-weet! Who doesn't want freezing rain while bugging strangers for candy? Must obtain umbrellas.

6:30pm - finally out the door, with umbrella, stroller, buckets, two costumed girls and two costumed adults. I pause to take this picture of the Princess, the Pumpkin and the Jedi; I am starting to hate my camera.

6:38pm - We realise that the front wheel of the stroller is not functioning properly and it will take my husband two hands to avoid careening it into little trick-or-treaters.

We kept it with us because it was holding umbrellas, extra coats and the bag to dump the candy into from their teeny tiny buckets. So. I am holding hands with two little girls, and he is using both hands to steer the stroller. You see my dilemma. I figured that I'd get some solo pictures of Beege and more of both of them when we got home, but Kee foiled my plans. When Kee pooped out and asked Daddy to take her home, he also took the stroller. Which contained the camera.

So here is the best picture I got of the whole night. Just imagine a little blonde girl in the pumpkin suit, and a taller girl with long reddish-brown hair in the crumpled up princess/witch costume.

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