Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

As I learned from my experience in the kindergarten classroom, 4 year olds (and most other people) have no idea who Mara Jade is. So when we took out the kids -- a princess and a pumpkin -- I decided to give my husband back the Jedi outfit and go simple, and threw on a men's poet shirt and a sash to go as Viola. Apparently, 4 year olds don't know who Shakespeare is, either.

We've never gone trick-or-treating in this neighbourhood before, even though we've lived here since before Beege was born; we've always gone downtown to my parents' house. This year, since my parents have moved to the middle of nowhere, we decided to try it out up here. I must say, I'm glad we did. Not only did we run into lots of kids that Beege knew and see where the Office Administrator from the school lived, but we didn't have to drive an hour before we could start asking for candy!

It was, unfortunately, freaking freezing out. Keebee was okay for the most part in her giant fleece pumpkin, but princess Beege was pretty cold. Keebee needed to be taken home by daddy pretty early on after a motion sensor skeleton that vibrated, lit up and yelled "MWAHAHAHAAAAA!" completely freaked her out, but Beege and I persevered.

After a while, she started telling me she was cold.
"Okay, well do you want to go home?"
"Yes! Oh... wait... that house looks good! Let's just do that house, and then go home."
We had that conversation about 20 times and then had to run home to use the potty. At that point, despite Beege's insisting, we called it a night.

At 8:00. I can distinctly remember when Halloween didn't start for me until about 8:00. I remember crawling home one November 1st at 4am. Not only could I not party all night anymore if you paid me (although, I suppose it would depend how much you were planning to pay me and whether or not I got to have a nap first) but it's entirely possible that I'll forget it ever happened by the time my girls would like to be involved in such shenanigans and have screaming matches about how they're insane.

Anyhoo, I'm off to forage in the Halloween candy. How did your night go?

At this juncture, I should be posting pictures of my offspring in their super cool costumes... or at least a pumpkin or something. Sadly, the USB connector cable for my camera has gone AWOL. So. Possibly, someday soon, Halloween pictures.

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