Friday, November 12, 2010

I Did It.

I just did it. I just -- ten seconds ago -- dropped a whole load of money on a vinyl doll. I know, I know.. in the grand scheme of things, $100 is not a lot of money. And really, it's not even my money; I'm just the credit card. It's her money, and I double, triple and quadruple checked to make sure that she really, really, really wanted it. She said, "I'm double, extra special sure, Mummy." Okay.

I remember the first thing that I saved my money for a long time for. It was a video game for my brother. I can't remember anything about it except that it was for the NES and I was really proud of myself. I just hope that she loves this doll with all her heart, and remembers that she bought her with her very own money and feels proud of that.

I had a look through the catalogue and there is some freaking adorable stuff in there. Accessories and outfits and tents and ponies. I couldn't help it, I caved and bought her a snowsuit. Yes, I mean the doll. It's COLD in Canada, ya know.

Have I mentioned that I'm a frustrated has been/would be designer-type? Because I am. Before I even bought the doll for her, I already went out and bought patterns for clothes. She's going to have so many clothes. And I'm wondering if it would be weird if I made her a stocking to hang up for Christmas.. because I really want to make her (yes the doll) some things. Like a purse. And some books. Some little tiny books. And maybe carve her a little MP3 player.

This is what happens when I do this past my bedtime. I'm going to stop writing before I sound any crazier.

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