Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm still sick. It's only been since Friday, but it feels much much longer. The stuff coming out of my face is almost the same disgusting green as the glow from next door. I feel old and tired and gross. Not sick enough to warrant a doctor's visit though. The last couple of times I was on antibiotics for this kind of thing didn't work out too well for me, so I'm putting it off until I'm dying. I'm going to continue to go to bed early with a steaming cup of neo-citran and try not to breathe on people.

In other news -- my daughter's 5th birthday is coming up. Which is kind of unbelievable in itself, since I still get stuck on "oh my god, I have kids?!" every once in a while. We're going to be taking her to a movie -- Tangled -- and then coming on home for dinner with my parents and siblings. This year she's also been very specific about what kind of cake she'd like; which is awesome because last year she said she'd like "a car cake".
(Which I think turned out pretty darn well considering it was my first ever attempt at carving a cake and using fondant.) She saw it and said, "wow, Mummy, that's neat! But I wanted a round cake with a picture of a car." But I digress.

Her birthday is actually a month away - but in my family, there are 6 of us with birthdays in and around October so we all have a big party. Since Beege is the only one with a December birthday and people don't tend to want to have a family party so close to Christmas, we include her in the October/November party.

And again, I'm off track. (I blame the effing green glow. I swear to god, people, it addles my brain.) What I started out meaning to talk about is... the doll.

Beege gets a kids magazine called "Chirp". With this magazine, they sometimes include catalogues for various things that I usually sneak out before she has a chance to look at them because they're mostly for pretty pricey places.

This month, I missed one and she got ahold of the catalogue for Maplelea Girls, which are like American Girl dolls in the States. She fell in love with one of the dolls. She's no fool; she knows her birthday is coming. She brought me the catalogue, put on her sweetest face and said that she would like the doll for her birthday. Unfortunately, I just can't imagine spending $100 on a doll. I told her how much money that was and that if she really wanted her, she could have her, but it would be her only present.

She took the catalogue away for a while and came back and told me that she didn't want to only have one birthday present, but that she did really want to have the doll, so she would save up her money and could I please check her piggy bank for her. Not only was I totally impressed with how mature she was being, but here was an excellent chance to teach her about money and saving for things! So we counted out her piggy bank, and the kid had $90. Hunh. Okay. Sooo... not going to have to save for very long. And of course, my mum gave her some money at the big birthday party this past Sunday.

She has now given me the contents of her piggy bank (minus $10, since Grandma gave her $20) and given me very clear instructions on what I am to do.

I am to order Taryn for her and not tell her about it. I am not to tell her when she arrives. I am to wrap her in shiny paper with a big bow and write a card that says "To Beege, Love from Beege" and stick it on. Then I am to hide the doll until her actual birthday so that she can open it and it will be a "surprise."

You got it, boss.


  1. Hillarious. How'd she get $90 in her piggy bank?! Wow.

  2. I know, right? She hasn't touched any birthday or Christmas money since last year - we have a lot of relatives. :)