Friday, November 5, 2010

Jack of all Trades; Master of None.

One of my friends, who was also a stay-at-home mum, started back at work on Monday. She's in a different situation than me; she's only got one child and that child is 5. Still. That got me thinking. I'm going to have to go back to work at some point.

The problem is this; I haven't really liked any of my jobs. Or at least, I haven't liked any of them well enough to want to go back to it. Except maybe Lewiscraft, but they don't actually exist anymore, so that lets that out.

I've had an odd selection of jobs in the past. I've worked in a craft store, managed a pub, been kitchen help, sold medieval clothing and accessories, made fake stained glass, been a receptionist, and even run rides at an amusement park. The only thing these jobs had in common was customer service. Am I doomed to customer service? To be honest, that was my least favourite part of all of them.

Somewhere along the line, I decided it would be a good thing to work for myself. It seems like a good idea. That way I'd be able to set my own hours, make all the decisions and still be around whenever the kids need me. So I eagerly embarked on a program to earn my Canadian Business Management certificate, figuring that I'd want to know how to run my business once I got started. Okay... so a business doing what, exactly, smartypants?

Some of my skills include: Sewing, knitting, basket weaving, candle making,making (real) stained glass windows. I've got a background in costume and set design, but never designed a whole show. I've done some carpentry, but not enough to be a carpenter. I've done some silver-smithing, but not enough to be a silver-smith. I've done some design work, but not enough to... you get the picture, right? And I'd love to work outside.

The only thing I can think of that would let me do some of these things is get a job at Pioneer Village; and that's seasonal.

So help me out here; what would you do? If you could have any job you liked, what would it be?

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