Monday, November 15, 2010

Just a Mum...?

I was recently asked by someone why I'd named my blog "Just a Mum...?" and I can't think of anything else to write today, so you get to hear it too! Yay!

When I was in school I, like everyone else, had a series of less than impressive jobs. At that point, no one is much impressed by a job unless it gets you into movies free or gets you free stuff. Once you're finished school however, people become more reserved about bestowing their approval on your mode of earning an income.

I can't count the times I've answered the "so what do you do?" question with anything about retail and quickly found myself standing alone with my drink. Oookay. So.. not that interesting. Got it. Although, I still maintain that someone who works as the assistant manager of a bedding store has hundreds of funny stories to tell. Not to mention the stories I've got stored up from the medieval clothing and accessories store.. I mean, c'mon! Medieval clothing, people! I sold swords!

So I had gotten used to a lack of interest in my chosen (okay, I more fell into it than chose it) field and learned to direct attention to other parts of my life. And while I understand that -- especially to people who don't have children in their lives -- talking about your children isn't always a popular activity, I was unprepared for actual disdain. More than once, when I've answered something along the lines of "I'm busy being a Mum right now." to the "what do you do" question, the person has said "Just a Mum...?"

As if that isn't enough? At first, I was incredibly offended. How dare you look down on what I've chosen to do with my life? I've listened to you outlining the details of some project that I don't really understand the purpose of for the past fifteen minutes, but the moment I mention my toddler, you need to find someone else to talk to?

It eventually dawned on me that these people had absolutely no idea what it is that a Mum does. It's not like you come across job postings for it all that often.

I've come to the conclusion that there will be some people who will react to me saying my current occupation is "Mum" by rolling their eyes and walking away. This is fine, they're entitled to their opinions.

My blog is titled "Just a Mum...?" because when I started it, I was irritated at being called just a mum. I would be irritated at being called just anything; but please, don't belittle one of the most important and difficult things that a person can do by saying I'm  "just a mum."


  1. I like it!! And I totally agree.

  2. that's my reaction to "so.. you're a babysitter?"

    People who don't have their own, or don't take care of any kids on a regular basis have absolutely no clue what it entails, or how draining it is to have to pay such close attention to something 24 hours a day.