Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh, Crap.

My Beege is turning 5 soon. While I wrap my head around that one, let me fill you in on the problem.

I had sort of assumed that a movie with Mum and Dad followed by dinner with the extended family would suffice (as it has in the past). Apparently, I am wrong. *sigh* We've now been to a number of "friend" as opposed to "family" birthday parties, and it seems that this year, Beege would like to have a "friend" party as well. I get it... she's turning 5; she actually has friends now.

It began last week, when she ran up to a friend on the playground and said, "you're going to have so much fun at my birthday! We're having a round cake with a flower garden on top!" "Beege," I mumbled at her, hoping no one else heard, "I don't know if we're having a friends party, buddy."

Then on Friday, she ran up to one of the mums. "I'm going to be five on my birthday! You're invited too!" Okay... great. So I'm thinking that she's been mentioning it while I'm not around as well. I smiled apologetically at the mum and said, "actually, her birthday's not until December. And we're not sure that we'll be having a party."

I've mentioned my paranoia about inviting people over; if it's that bad when I invite one kid and their mum over... okay, I'm already having a panic attack. She has thus far mentioned 10 kids who she would like to invite. That would be plus their mums. We know a couple of the dads too. So that's like... 100 people at my house. I'm not really that bad at math; I know it would only be about 20 (including us) but it would feel like 100.

So what to do? I really do want to let her have a party with her school friends. We might be able to actually buy a house at some point, and sadly it would mean moving out of the neighbourhood -- we're basically here on sufferance; the houses tend to run about $900,000 -- and she's going to have to leave the school she loves and all her friends. (When it comes to that, I'm finally starting to make friends here, and I'm going to have to leave them.)

So. We can't have it here, because that many people will just not fit tidily in my living room unless they're all sitting down and not moving much. These children are between 4 and 6; not going to happen. I'm trying to find a venue that will have children's birthday parties and that's not out in the middle of nowhere. But it's only 3 weeks away.

I suppose I should just be glad that she started a month before instead of asking me the day before her birthday who I'd invited to the party.

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