Friday, November 26, 2010


I suppose that usually stands for "thank goodness it's Friday" right? Tough grits, it's freezing? Anyway. I am glad it's Friday, and it is freezing, so both of those apply.

I haven't done very well writing every day this week. Mostly because I feel like crap; since Monday, I've gotten up and taken some advil before bothering to grope for my glasses. I'm in that horrible place that is sick enough to be really bothered, but not sick enough to call for back up. I almost wish that I was ill enough to hang out at the hospital so that I could rest and not feel guilty because I know, deep down, that I really do have it in me to do some laundry.

Aside from feeling like my throat is inhabited by angry rodents and my muscles are eating themselves, it's a little stressful around here lately.

There's the whole car thing, which is just bugging me now. Car dealerships appear to be peopled by crazies who either won't get off their butts to help you, or think it's okay to call you in the middle of the night with news. We thought we'd decided on a make and model of car and then these people drove us crazy... so now it's all up in the air again.

Beege is driving me nuts. She argues with everything I say half the time and the rest of the time just ignores me. She swings wildly between screaming at me and snuggling with me with absolutely no warning. Which worries me, because this is the way she was behaving for a month or so before she got sick last year. Or.. she may just be being a jerk. So. There's that. On the plus side, she is doing fabulously in school and at the parent/teacher interview last week, her teacher said, "I would pay someone to keep her in my class every year if I could." So at least I don't need to worry about school.

I live at my grandparents house. We were here when my Grandpa had a heart attack four years ago, and it scared the bejeezus out of me. He's been pretty sick lately and I'm worried about him. I'm worried about Grandma too. There's nothing concrete that I can do to help other than popping up every once in a while to see how things are going and if anyone needs anything. I hate it when I can't do anything.

As well as all the crappy stuff that's been keeping me (emotionally) busy, there's also the not so crappy stuff that's been keeping me (physically) busy.

Beege's birthday is in a week! There is no "friends" birthday party this year, because I just can't, but there will be a little family get together. This is when she will receive the shiny package with a bow on it that she bought herself. And because I'm nuts, I'm also sewing this doll some pajamas, some sheets and a quilt to go with the bed we found (at Ikea for $25 because there is absolutely no way I'm spending $59 on a bed which will still require bedding!) because I felt like the doll needed some place to sleep.

Also? We got Netflix. I don't know about you, but having (on demand!) shows that I want to watch and am actually able to watch during the allotted school/nap time? Wee bit distracting for me.

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  1. "I almost wish that I was ill enough to hang out at the hospital so that I could rest and not feel guilty because I know, deep down, that I really do have it in me to do some laundry."

    ~~~ That describes exactly how I've felt for weeks now. Thanks for articulating my feelings perfectly. Now if I could go ahead and get my dang water to break so I could go to the hospital...