Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vehicular House Slaughter.

Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but that's kind of what it feels like. Back in October, my family was in a car accident. Everyone was totally fine; the van, unfortunately was not.

We had a bit of a wait to hear back from the insurance company, and when we finally did, it was to hear that they'd written off our van and would be giving us a piddling amount of money to cover its funeral costs. Or replacement, whatever. The thing is, there is no way that this money will buy us a new car. And by "new", I mean used. So now we have a transportation issue to solve.

I've always been a transit girl, myself, but when we found out that Beege was on the way, I was lucky enough to have a boss who happened to be selling her station wagon for $300. When we found out that Kee was on the way, we also found out that My husband's highschool (History? Geography?) teacher was selling his van. Perfect! So we've actually been pretty lucky when it comes to vehicles showing up to fill our needs.

This time, we're wondering about a new car. Both of our previous purchases have been from people we've known and trusted... buying a car from an unknown entity is scary to me. So, we're thinking perhaps, perhaps, a new car?

Apparently, calculations have been done and my husband feels that buying a new car with a warranty will be about the same as buying a used car with hidden maintenance costs. Supposedly. I'm still not quite sold on that, but the thought that if anything goes wrong we take it to the dealer and they just fix it... well, that sounds pretty good.

We've also been saving up to buy a house for the past two years. We're almost there; we were going to start house hunting in the spring. (Do you see where I'm going?) The new car (even if we do go with used) is going to eat up a giant chunk of our savings.

So. We may have a new car soon. We may have to wait longer for a new house. Did I mention that I put my foot through the kitchen floor this morning?

BTW - Anyone have a good suggestion for a reliable, roomy, family sedan?


  1. I guess I'll find out, I hope you got your house.

    1. Sadly, not yet. But we're almost back to the point where we can start looking again.