Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary, Stitches!

I cannot believe my daughter is five. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the first time a real live person every exploded out of my nethers. We did most of the birthday stuff on Sunday, with my family. She was thrilled to pull Taryn out of the box; and she is either really good at pretending to be surprised, or really good at making herself forget things. She really seemed to not know what the big box would be.

As for my contribution to the doll's well being, I was up until about 12:30 finishing up the bedding for her bed. I finished the pajamas in plenty of time, and then -- since it's cold in the basement -- made her slippers, and since kids need snugglies, made her a teddy bear.

She really is a very sweet looking doll. Along with Beege, Kee absolutely loves her. Which presents a problem. Beege, of course, is very protective of Taryn, and while she is open to letting Kee play with her sometimes, more often than not there is screaming and crying, and then Taryn retires to Mummy's room for a nap.

The thing is, that Beege likes to set her up and then leave her there. Kee wants to dress her for the situation and then interact with her. Kee was playing school with her and put her in one of the little chairs at the craft table and stuck a pencil in her hand; Beege went ballistic.

So allow me to introduce you to the newest member of my family, as of December 25th; Jenna.

Kee had decided that she wanted that one "because she looks like Mummy!" (My heart swelled a little for that one.) She was planning to save up for her by herself (yes, the 2 1/2 year old!), but it has been decided that we (mostly me, because it's only day 2 and they're already driving me nuts) can't wait that long. We've told her that since she already has half the money, Daddy and I will pay for the rest for Christmas. I guess I'll go get started on her pajamas.


  1. That is so sweet that she wants the one that looks like you. The dolls look great - my five year old self wants one really badly. I would definitely be like Kee and want to interact with her. Also it is fantastic that you can design and create clothes and accessories for the dolls. Slippers are so cute!! :)

  2. The five year old in me wants to sit around brushing her hair and having tea parties. Thanks! I'm going to make some for Kee's doll too - everyone needs pajamas. Now I just need to get started on figuring out how to build a nice doll-sized armoire. These dolls are going to have a lot of clothes!