Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just When You Want to Give Them Away...

I've been having a hard time lately. With the holidays fast approaching (and the mine field that they always turn out to be), Beege's birthday just behind me, my Grandfather being in the hospital, not having picked up my homework for a month and just generally feeling like my life was spiraling out of control (more than usual)... I've been feeling like I need a secret room to go to where I can scream and smash things.

I spend all day with my kids. I spend most of my day in the house. While I love my kids, and I'm grateful I have somewhere to live, it's not always the most exciting way to spend a day. On the days when we've somehow reached yelling before 8am (and that's been happening quite a bit lately) it's also not the most fulfilling. It's easy to start feeling unappreciated and angry, and once you're in that place, it's hard to get out.

Enter Beege. We were watching TV the other day when a commercial about the Ladybug Foundation came on. It's an organization that supports various charities that help the homeless. And it was started by a 9 year old girl. Beege thought it was pretty cool that a kid started something like that.

Having recently had her birthday, she has a bit of money in her piggy bank. She immediately said "I want to give them twenty dollars."

I've always tried to make sure that our girls know how lucky we are to have a warm place to live, enough to eat and a big family who loves us. We make sure to set aside food for food drives and donate toys to children's charities. I think it has sunk in; they really seem to understand that while we don't have a lot, we do have all that we need and certainly enough to share with others.

So. Next time I'm in the middle of feeling like no one ever says thank you, does what they're asked, or even listens when I talk, I will try to remember this. I have loving caring children. I have a girl who -- underneath the 5 year old frustratingly asserting her will at all the most inconvenient times -- wants to give all her birthday money to make sure people have somewhere warm to sleep.

At the end of January, Beege and I will be walking a mile around our neighbourhood, as others will be walking around theirs, to raise money for the Ladybug Foundation.

If you are able to donate, we'd appreciate it.


  1. It's great knowing that your kids have already developed a sense of generosity and helpfulness in just young age. I bet you're proud of them. You are one great mom. Keep it up.:-)

  2. I am very proud of them. :)
    And thank you for the comment; always nice to have a little encouragement! :)

  3. wow, this is one of the things I wish I'd done with my boys.