Friday, December 3, 2010

Words Cannot Describe.

Some things that people make (and buy? Does anyone have proof that people buy these idiotic things?) just floor me. I was over at Rachel's blog today, and she was posting about these little gems. Oh, Teva. Really??

Despite the pictures, there is (apparently) a warning that they are not really safe for hiking, gardening or construction work. Really? Thank you for that warning because, I swear to god, I was gonna pick me up a pair of these the next time I had a hike to go on. You can't be too sexy when you're hiking.

And just in case you love the "hiking" stilettos, but just feel that they're not quite sexy enough for you, I've got the answer.

"Cargo" nylons. Every outdoorsy woman's dream.

I yoinked the "cargo" picture from my friend Sarah and couldn't tell you where it originally came from... anyone?


  1. ha! those are absurd and awesome!

  2. Oh those are awesome! And they'd go so great with the Tevas!!