Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Art Wall.

Inspired by Motherbumper's recent posts with her daughter's artwork, I'm going to put up a few of my own. First up -- Beege.

Last Tuesday, when my intestines blew up and exploded out my ass, I retreated to my bed to suffer alone (once the retching and sobbing in the bathroom portion of my day was over). It could have been a bleak day, had I not had these beautiful pictures from Beege, still posted on the dresser beside my pillow from the last time that "Mummy couldn't get up."

She said, "I drew pictures of things that make you happy, so that you won't get lonely. That's a flower, that's me - because my favourite colour is purple, and that's the sun." "Thank you honey, that's beautiful!... What's an 'ox mommy'?" Be nice, it was one of her first uses of 'ox' as 'hug and kiss', and I was medicated.

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  1. Those are too sweet!! I'm sure you're an awesome ox Mommy. :)