Monday, January 17, 2011

I Think it's Time to Kinect.

I've had a Wii for a while, and I really enjoy playing the games in Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus). I don't like it when the balance board calls me fat, but that's another story. One of the big problems I have with it is having to hang onto the controller. Not that it's a huge deal, but it can get kind of annoying. Especially during the games that you're supposed to stick it in your pocket and you're not wearing something with pockets, so you end up jamming it in your waistband and then it gets jarred loose and falls down your pant leg.

For Christmas, Santa got my husband and I a Kinect. I have to say, it's pretty awesome. I love that there is no controller to lose your grip on. We did have to move a bunch of furniture the first time we played, but now that we know where we need to have clear, we're just leaving it that way. We spent New Years Eve playing Kinect Adventures and it was way more fun than getting drunk and doing a puzzle. (I'm a party animal, I know.)

We liked it so much that we went out and got a new game. Dance Central. In theory, I love this game. In theory.

My husband went first. Some of you may know him. He is a truly lovely man, but he's about as coordinated as a duck playing tennis; when he hasn't got a guitar or some drumsticks in his hand. And no, I've never seen a duck playing tennis, but I imagine it would be awkward. And he got 98% on his very first try!

I have to admit, I thought I'd beat him, no problem. I mean, duck... tennis.
I did not do so well however. I'm pretty sure I looked like the walrus the duck is trying to play tennis with. The worst part about it was that the damn thing takes video while you're flailing around like an idiot.

While I wouldn't recommend playing this with anyone but your closest friends if you're embarrassed easily - I loved it. Super fun. And it's a great workout without really seeming like one. And I'll probably love it even more when I have some practice and look less like Elaine.


  1. We have a Wii, but the Kinect definitely seems awesome. Except that it VIDEOS you??! Wowww... they were really hoping for some free YouTube Upload advertisement, huh?

  2. It takes video and photos at "key points" in the game; ie. when you will probably look the most ridiculous. I think that you can actually share them with your friends over Xbox live. I'm not that.. secure? :P

  3. That sounds fun AND healthy! :)

    I'm still rocking the GameCube and the PS2, but one of these days I need to invest in an XBOX. You can play neat stuff on there!