Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love and Potato Soup.

My family is gone right now. My husband took the girls to visit his mum, and luckily, this time they didn't get to enjoy a ride in a police car.

I took the opportunity to clean my house. I know, sounds boring, but I can only do it properly when there's no one running around my feet or looking over my shoulder. I also took the opportunity to have some friends over and enjoy eating things that my kids don't like. And listen to music that they aren't allowed to. And just pretty much enjoy myself. Since I got the cleaning done today, I am looking forward to a day of enjoying myself tomorrow too.

The problem is this: I can't sleep. I can't hear the kids over the baby monitor. I can't roll over and poke my husband to try and get him to stop snoring. I didn't get a kiss goodnight from ANYONE!

No matter how much I want them to leave me alone, when they do, I cry a little. I actually run after the car waving. It's a little pathetic really.

Then I get over it. I get on with my day, and it's astonishing how much I get done without them here. I find that I can get three things done at once, instead of taking half an hour to do something that should take five minutes because I have to break up fights, find shoes and save breakables. I can plan my day and not have it thrown off course by a temper tantrum or spilled yogurt. I can leave a pen on a table and rest assured that the couch will not be covered in scribbles when I get back.

It's practically heaven.

Until bedtime. Then I go and stand in their doorway and look at their empty beds and say goodnight. I get into my bed and try and spread out as much as I can so it doesn't feel so big and lonely.

You know what would make me feel better right now? Potato soup.

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