Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whaddaya Mean, The Internet's DOWN?!

If you had told me a year ago that being without internet for five days would feel like I was missing a limb, I probably would have laughed. However.

We were without internet for almost a week. It was surprisingly horrible. I'm not even a hard core blogger/surfer, and I was still bereft. I had no idea how many times a day I was on this thing. We don't have a phone book anymore; who needs one when you can just look it up online? Anytime we wanted to look up a number for take out, or find out who it is that plays Castle's mom, or who exactly it was who named their baby "Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily"... we couldn't.

Very limiting.

I blame my husband. I used to mock him for running to the internet every time he wanted some information; and now I'm the same way. It's amazing how used to something you can get without even realising it.

Oh - I know that I've mentioned my new love of Netflix and all it's lovely seasons and seasons of shows I haven't seen (Mad Men, I'm on Season 2 and completely in love with the clothes) and some that are awesome and I've never heard of (The Big C, which is surprisingly funny for a show about dying of cancer). Well, guess what else doesn't work when the internet's out?

The only good thing about not having the internet is that I've discovered Angry Birds.

Anyway - here's what I would have written about, had I been able, this week:

We had a playdate on Friday -- hastily arranged when the other mum and I realised, while waiting for the kids to come out of school on Thursday, that Friday was a PA day -- that had to be cut short because apparently, coffee accelerates my digestive system in a most unpleasant manner. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Beege has been chosen as one of the kids to do a speech for her school's speech writing festival. Which is great - don't get me wrong, it's nice to know that everyone agrees that she's as smart as I think she is. It is somewhat difficult, however, to sit a five year old down and get her to think of something coherent that she would like to say in one minute or less. Her first idea was to do it about her teacher. Turns out, that was his idea. So, moving right along, she decided that she'd like to talk about how lucky she is to have toys, and that she loves her family and that she likes school and that she likes polar bears and that snow is pretty and... you get the point.
We eventually narrowed it down to "Why I like school." I'll let you know how it goes.

Last, but certainly not least, our walk for the Ladybug Foundation is on Monday. Beege is totally excited. We actually managed to exceed our fund-raising goal! A mile won't seem that long to me, but I'm guessing it'll take us about an hour. (Her legs are short and she's easily distracted.) I even got us a couple of the Ladybug Foundation red scarves to wear as we walk. Her daddy took the day off so that he can be here to cheer us on when we get home and, hopefully, make us some lunch and hot chocolate. (*nudge,nudge*)

Hopefully, nothing contained in this post will anger the internet gods* and lead them to renew my banishment. I'm going to go knock wood and cross my fingers now.

*Special thanks to my husband, for figuring out the problem with our connection and fixing it, thereby saving me from my own insanity.


  1. I knew something must be up. The internet and I missed you! If I am without the internet for 30 seconds I freak out. Five days is a long time, especially in 2011. I get all my information from the web - news, updates with friends, recipes, phone numbers...and everything else I need to know about! It is so true about wanting to know stuff like Castle's mom!! Wow, congrats on surviving the five days!

  2. JL, it SUCKED!! I could not believe it, it was like I was living in an information free bubble on a deserted island covered in snow.

    It was almost funny when I started thinking of other things that I could do to pass some time and every time I came up against the problem of finding instructions for things OFF line.

    I managed to finish a sweater and bake some bread while it was down, so it wasn't a total waste; but I also had a finished exam sitting by the computer ready to go that I couldn't submit because it's an online course. :P

    I'm just happy it's back!