Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Books...The BOOKS!

I don't know about you, but I find a lot of children's stuff as boring as watching paint dry. In the beginning, I was sometimes just holding on until we were out of the peek-a-boo phase, when it would be a lot more interesting (read: fun for me) to play with the kids.*

And, thank goodness, it totally is! We all play Uno together now, which is incredibly awesome, because not only are they learning to count, match and take turns, but I'm not so bored that I'd (almost) rather be digging at my eye with a spoon.

We play pretend; there are often pirates and/or princess and/or animals involved. There are shopping trips, tea parties, treasure hunts, sword fights, dragon hunts, mysteries to solve... it's awesome.

And I think that a huge amount of that wonderful imagination comes from the fact that all four of us love to read. My husband and I have always been readers, and it seems to have rubbed off on the girls - yay!

Now that Beege is reading to herself, she will read anything, from the ads that come in the mail to shampoo bottles on the side of the tub. Honestly, have you ever had anyone tell you "I'll be out in a minute, I'm just finishing reading the soap!"?

I do remember a time, however, before she could read when she would bring books to me. She would bring a book over, plop in my lap and "let" me read it to her. Sometimes she would make let me read it again, then she'd run to the shelf, pick out another book and bring it over for me to read. This could go on all day.

Now that Kee is approaching 3, she's developed the same habit. We spent 2 hours reading this morning, with the kids alternating book choices and sitting on my lap. I only have one rule. I will not read the same book twice in a row. If you want me to sit here and read to you all day, it at least has to be interesting, right?

There is one other little snag though. Now that Beege can read, she's noticed it, and Kee is starting to notice it too, with her darn steel trap memory. Sometimes, Mummy reads an "abridged" version. Or, just flat out makes it up. Daddy does not.

So now, sometimes, when I'm reading a book and a troll jumps out at Dora from behind a bush, or I skip a few lines about Little Miss Magic telling her toothpaste "Squeeze!", or maybe, instead of getting ice cream, Max just decides to go to bed, I get told off. Thanks a lot, Daddy.

*Not that I ever begrudged my babies their "peek-a-boo" time... I can peek-a-boo with the best of them... I just might have been doing it from behind a book.

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