Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny Girl.

Beege likes to make up jokes. Most of them aren't all that funny because, really? She's five. She went through a knock knock phase that degenerated into just naming things around the house.

Knock knock! Who's there? Computer. Computer who? COMPUTER! *hysterical laughter*

Lately, she's hung up on 'what did the *blank* say to the *blank*?' kind of jokes. And this morning over breakfast, she was in fine form.

"I'm going to tell a joke to my class today, mummy!"
That's great sweetie, what's the joke?
"What did the blue pail say to the rain?"
I don't know. What?
"You're getting me wet!" Giggle.
Uhm. Okay.
"What did the ..uhm.. lamp say to the guy?"
I don't know. What?
"Thank you for turning me on!" Snort.
"What did the .. toast say to the kid?"
I don't know. What?
"EAT ME!!" Hysterical laughter.

Waitaminute! Did my baby just make a series of mildly off-colour jokes? What the hell? Where is this coming from? Are they letting the kindergartners hang out with older kids with no supervision? Who the freaking heck has she been talking to?

As I looked around the room, wondering how to phrase the question about who the miscreant was who was getting my girl to repeat these jokes a la "I was born on a pirate ship"*, I noticed something. There was a blue pail. And a lamp. And she was eating toast. These were not really off-colour jokes, they were just her regular naming stuff in the room jokes. So. My daughter tells perfectly innocent, unfunny jokes that could be taken as almost funny, more adult jokes. Great.

"OOOh! I have another one! What did the baby say to the cuddly toy?"
I don't know, honey, what?
That's the one. Go with that one. *relieved giggling* That's hilarious!

Kee, of course didn't want to be left out of the joke telling fun. "What did the toothbrush say to the scissors? Clean my floor!" Yeah... I don't get it either, but at least it's not dirty.

*For those of you who didn't have an older brother who liked to try and get you in trouble; if you stick your tongue out, as in the picture above, and say "I was born on a pirate ship" it sounds more like "I was born on a pile of shit." And voila, your sibling has made you unknowingly swear, at the same time implying that you smell like poop. Genius.

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