Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Internet? What Internet?

So, I don't know if you've been hearing anything about this "Usage Based Billing" stuff that's been floating around Canada. I mean, if you're from Canada, and you're on the internet, you're probably aware that the CRTC had passed some new regulations that made it legal for guys like Rogers, Bell and Shaw to put a cap on your internet use. With penalties of up to $2/GB if you went over your cap.

Now, this may not have seemed like an enormous thing to me before, because really? I'm a fairly light internet user. I mean, I've got my blog here, and I do love me some Zynga games... but I would hardly qualify as a heavy user, so it just wouldn't have been on my radar.

Then, last month, something happened.

I was happily playing some stupid game, when I was interrupted by a message from Rogers, helpfully telling me that I had reached 75% of my maximum usage for the month. Wait, what!? This had never, never, happened before. ...Netflix. Dammit.

I may have mentioned that my husband took my kids to visit his mum at the beginning of January? Well, what I didn't mention is that the whole time (the WHOLE time) they were gone, I was watching Netflix. So many movies that I haven't seen since the kids were born (because we just never leave the house anymore - anyone know a decent babysitter in North Toronto?) - all there, just waiting to be watched! Apparently watching 12 or so hours of movies takes up a lot of bandwidth. Then there's the watching Blues Clues with Keek while Beege is at school... oh, and Mad Men, and catching up on Drop Dead Diva.

Apparently, that uses up so much bandwidth that even though my internet was nonexistent for almost a week (!), I still used more than ever before. And really, I almost died when I couldn't get on the net for a week; I can't imagine being limited all the time.

So. What you're telling me, Rogers, is that I pay to use the internet, but only so much. I also pay to use Netflix, but only so much as Rogers will let me. I pay hideous overpriced premiums to use the internet, but you get to tell me how much. I seriously have to wait until next month to see what's going on with Peggy and the mystery baby?? So wrong.

Considering all the services that require the internet these days, from gaming to movies, to basic communication, there really needs to be an overhaul of the whole telecommunications pricing system in this country.

I never thought Hitler would make it onto my blog, but here he is, enjoy.

Oh - here's a good article: Paying so much for bandwidth, getting so little

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  1. Wow! That video is spot on! Your post just proves what liars Bell and Rogers are. They keep saying they are doing it because of "the bad guys" who download bit torrents, etc., etc. But the truth is NORMAL people use bandwidth in many, many, many legitimate ways and it doesn't actually slow anything down. The lowest cap found in the U.S. is 250 gigs. That is ten times the 25 gig cap they wanted to give us. It's crazy. Great post!