Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Plant Babies.

The other day I looked at my kitchen counter and saw about eight thousand little applesauce pots.

We use these for all kinds of things, painting, dipping sauces, dishes in the play kitchen... but the other day, they were the solution to a problem. I have a very prolific spider plant, and nowhere to put all those babies. The thing about spider plants is that they really like to be root bound, so you've got to start them in really little pots...aha! Instead of going out and buying a whole bunch of little pots with saucers, I did this:

Poke a bunch of small holes in the bottom of one pot; I used an awl, but a hammer and nail will do. (You may want to poke bigger holes for better drainage, but then you'll also need some screen or pebbles for the bottom to prevent the soil from falling out.) Because they nest so nicely, you can just use one with no holes to be the saucer.

Some of the pots looked like little barrels - perfect to be the bottom layer/water catcher; they're already decorative!

Throw in some soil and a plant - voila! You use up something laying around the house, and you don't have to spend anything on 'proper' pots. Plus, it's super easy, but you can still feel all good about yourself for making something!

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  1. Holy crap that is an amazing idea!!! I have been saving mine for the past while and I wasn't quite sure why. I am definitely doing this!! :)