Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay, so it wasn't quite the "Snowmaggedon" that was predicted, but we did get a fair dump in my neighbourhood. (Even my husband had the day off due to snow; and seriously, his boss would NOT give him the day off under normal circumstances.) While the TDSB may have been a little overcautious in calling a board wide "Snow Day", I think it would have been worse if they hadn't and there had been an accident or kids snowed in at a school somewhere.

It was actually really lovely to have a day in the middle of the week with the whole family home. We played Uno, we read some books, we played video games. No one had to be anywhere so there was no rushing, no screaming about being late. I baked, I made chili, I made rice crispie treats for the first time ever (Note to self: hot marshmallows are a lot like napalm.) and even got to play outside with Beege.

My only complaint would be that I didn't get my standard daily allotment of "me time."

Here's some fun stuff to watch: Rick Mercer mocking Toronto, and "Snow in Toronto" a special report. I'm going to learn to embed these properly someday, I swear.


  1. Your definition of a "fair dump" is deeper than the deepest, most legendary snow fall we've ever had in Alabama. I believe it was 10 inches, and we all thought it was the end of the world. A fun end, though, no doubt!

    That looks like a ton of fun! Just once in my life, I'd LOVE to experience a Canadian snow storm!

  2. by the way... it just snowed today for 30 minutes, and the schools closed early and will be off tomorrow. Alabama is a weird place.

    But in fairness, our roads DO get bad quickly, because we don't have the infrastructure to deal with it, just like y'all probably don't have air conditioning in some places, and NO internal dwelling in Alabama would EVER not have air conditioning.

  3. *giggle* 10 inches? That's nothing! It's not a a real snow storm unless it's taller than a kindergartner :)

    I also love playing in the snow, so that helps. The year I was pregnant with Kee, I spent 3 hours out there in the dark by myself building Beege a fort with a slide down the side.. it was totally awesome. We didn't get quite enough for that this time. Or maybe it's because she's taller now.

    I am totally glad I decided to get the un-sexy boots though!