Monday, February 14, 2011

The Speech, The Weekend, and Valentine's Day.

I mentioned a while back that Beege was going to be giving a speech at her school's Speech Arts Festival. It was supposed to be on, what ended up being, Snow Day and got rescheduled to the 10th.

It went SO well, you guys. She was poised, and spoke clearly and didn't babble at all! She was also (now I'm just bragging) the only kid under grade 2 who didn't read it from a page in front of them. She's only 5! I am a very proud mum.

The best Valentine's day I've had in recent memory was the one where at about 9:00 I looked at my husband and asked "Aren't you going to be late for work?" To which, he replied "I took the day off!" Then he got down on the floor and made valentine's with, then, 2 year old Beege. Best day ever.

This year, since he's already taking Friday off to take Beege to the doctor, I certainly wasn't expecting him to be home for the day. I also wasn't expecting much of a surprise, because, bless him, he is not a planner.

On Friday, my brother called and asked us to dinner. At my mum's house. Without asking her first. All of which is weird, but good. So I called my husband to see if he thought we ought to go (and then planned to call my mum and make sure it was okay with her). He was oddly reticent. Then he spilled; he'd already arranged with my mum to take the kids for the day on Sunday so we could have a day to ourselves! While he was on ICQ with me, his phone rang - my mother - turns out, not only can we go for dinner, but we can leave the kids for the night! HUZZAH!

So not only did I get a day off, but I also got a night off? Awesome. Let's just disregard the fact that I spent my night off patterning and cutting the fabric for the princess dresses I'm surprising them with okay? Okay.

We spent Sunday just wandering around, dawdling through stores; which NEVER happens when the kids are with us. It was lovely. I also got to go to a place called "Genghis Khan's Mongolian Grill" for lunch. It was really neat. You fill your bowl with stuff, then you hand it to the chef who dumps it on a giant heated stone and moves it around with some long sticks. Once it's cooked, he gets it into a new bowl and gives it back to you. It was really fun watching the chef; it almost looked like dancing. Everything was delicious, so that was nice too.

And of course, whether you love it or hate it, today is Valentine's day! I fall mostly into the "love it" camp; February 14th also just happens to be the anniversary of the night that my husband and I decided we "LIKE liked" each other.

We're debating switching our "official" anniversary to March 10th, which is when I pinned him (yes, I really did) and asked him "So okay, if you were introducing me to someone, how would you introduce me?" and he said "Uhm... my girlfriend?"

So, whether you love it, or hate it, I wish you a lovely February 14th!


  1. Do you have to remember a Wedding Anniversary too? Or did you match it to one of your already anniversaries? We celebrate two days - the day we met and the day a few months later when it was decided we were BF/GF. :)

  2. Nope.. I get a wedding anniversary too :) This year it falls smack on Mother's day! Maybe I can get him to celebrate the 14th and March 10th... now there's an idea :)

  3. That sounds like a blissfully relaxing Valentines!! I can't WAIT for us to have a day/night off. It shall happen...very soon. As soon as I don't feel guilty asking my Mom to keep a not-QUITE-always-sleeping-through-the-night infant. :)