Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mom Cave; I Want One.

Since I read this post at The Bad Moms Club, I can't get the idea out of my mind. I want one.

When I think "Man Cave", I have to admit that what comes to mind is a basement or garage, strewn with junk and home to a falling apart couch that's missing a cushion. It also usually smells like goat and has a TV for watching various sports events. There is also a beer fridge. And guys with big bellies drinking beers from said fridge. There's probably also some ripped lawn chairs. I'm not quite sure why I have this idea stuck in my head, but I blame TV.

I know for a fact that my husband wouldn't have a man cave like that. His would have all of his video game systems, a comfy reading chair and a tonne of books. He might have a fridge, but it would contain Jolt and Gatorade, and he'd have all of his instruments set up; the drum kit could finally come home! Of course, it would still be messy and possibly smell of goat.

But now... now I'm thinking about the "mom cave". With my recent alone-ness and silence requirement realisations, I really think that it would do the whole family a world of good if there was a room in my house that I could retreat to and (hope) not be bothered in.

I can't seem to decide what kind of room I'd like though.

On the one hand, I want a room with big windows and lots of light. There would be a comfy chair, and books, of course. There would be storage space for all of my crafty odds and ends. There would be a sewing table and (finally!) space for a judy. A big worktable and a drafting table would be good too. Lots of wall space to hang "inspiration". Although, now it looks more like a giant multi-purpose studio, than a "cave".

On the other hand, I'd love a cozy room that has a comfy reading chair and lots of books. A good reading lamp, a warm blanket. There would be twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling. Lots of dark wood; I love wood. (Get your mind out of the gutter! Who do you think I am? Beege?) A CD player, maybe a little TV... definitely some noise canceling headphones.

You know what would be perfect? A barn. And insulated, wired, barn. With full plumbing. The first floor would be all studio, and then there would be a cozy little half loft for the reading/relaxing nook.

So I don't really want a "cave". What I really want is an outbuilding.

This would do fine.

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