Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Passel O' Princesses.

Last year, about this time, my family celebrated a made up holiday called "Bug Day". Mostly because we were bored.

We spent the day reading stories starring bugs, eating "worm brownies", writing a song in celebration of bug day and watching "A Bug's Life". There were worksheets for Beege to do and headbands with pipe cleaner antennae for everyone to wear; really a very good makeshift holiday.

This year, I decided to go with "Princess Day". Bugs are nice and all, but how many times do I really want to watch "A Bug's Life"? And since, unlike Bug Day, I knew about it more than one day in advance, I had time for things like costumes!

First, we had a treasure hunt.

That lead them to the (papier mache) moon.

Which contained their royal jewels.

Then we all got into costume (my husband too!) and had a princess tea party.

Then we had a Disney Princess sing-a-long (with a DVD that my husband bought me for my birthday before Beege was even conceived, because I happen to be a dork). Finally, we watched "Mulan", and then because Belle is "the best princess", we watched "Beauty and the Beast".

I think everyone had fun, but I probably had the most fun... I was the only one who knew all the words for the sing-a-long, after all.

Next year? I'm thinking... Pirates.


  1. Wow you are such an amazing Mom!!! I always want to do things like this, but find that I lack the energy. Thanks for the kick in the pants!!

  2. Heh.. well, hopefully they'll remember this stuff instead of all the yelling about snow pants and tooth brushing. Also? It's as much for me as them - I get to make stuff! :)