Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perhaps it's Time for Some Lessons in Tact?

Today we woke up to a rainy, slushy, grey kind of day. The girls were sad because it looked like the disco ball was just not going to wake up today. Yes really. We wait for the moment the sun hits it and then yell, "Good morning, Disco Ball!"

It's my fault, I guess, since I'm the one who did it first. I also talk to my plants, but you love me anyway.

Anyway. Crappy day out. Having breakfast didn't help at all. Neither did playacting Beauty and the Beast; in which Kee played Belle and Beege played Chip the teacup. I had the honor of playing Papa, who gets to lie around in a cell and then lie around in bed, and then lie around on the ground. Everybody was feeling sort of draggy.

So I threw on some Aqua and we started dancing. Soon, we were dancing around the living room with reckless abandon, bumping into things and knocking each other down. We were giggling our heads off. It was awesome.

Beege and I were dancing together when she yelled, "I love you Mummy!" and threw her arms around me. Then she looked up at me, giggling, and said "your bum is so big!"

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