Monday, March 7, 2011

They're Baaaaa-aaaaack!

So. My husband took my kids to his mum's for the weekend. They had a lot of fun. The kids I mean. My husband had to deal with freak-outs, enormous up-the-back-poop at the mall, a soaked and frozen car seat, bedtime shenanigans... etc.

And poor me, I was left home, all alone. *snicker* Remember how I said I was going to get a whole lot done? Well, uhm... I didn't.

I was going to start off the weekend with some light cleaning/organising on Friday night. I ended up sitting in front of the computer for a few hours reading an amazing web comic that I stumbled across called "Girl Genius"; which, if you enjoy fantasy and/or steampunk, you should really go ahead and read. So there's Friday gone, and nary a cupboard cleaned out.

I figured Saturday would get off to a better start. I planned to get up, walk over to the library to return some books and pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables that would allow me to make curry and a stir fry -- which my kids wouldn't eat if I paid them in Maplelea Girls -- and actually sit down and enjoy a good meal.

When I woke up on Saturday morning (for the second time, since I forgot to turn the 6:30 alarm off the night before), it was pouring out, and so cloudy that I actually thought it wasn't quite morning. I got back into bed and played solitaire on my iPhone for an hour. Which didn't improve the weather, or my mood. I ended up spending my day alternating between cleaning out the pantry and reading more of Girl Genius.

In the afternoon, I went shopping with my sister and her husband and picked up some ankle weights and a muffin tin; which really has nothing to do with anything. Then I went to dinner at my parent's house and came home feeling sick - probably due to garlic bread over consumption. I was going to clean at this point, I swear I was, but I got distracted by watching "The Holiday", even though I've seen it plenty of times, because I love seeing Jack Black as a 'romantic lead'. So that pretty much killed Saturday.

I had big plans for Sunday. Sunday I was going to get up a little earlier and set up my sewing machine, rain or shine! Princess dresses* would be sewn!

I woke up pretty happy, because it seemed really sunny out** and I couldn't wait to get going. When I looked out the window, however, it had snowed. Quite a lot, actually. So I got up, had breakfast and went out to shovel the driveway. Which, I believe I've mentioned, is quite a long driveway.

So. An hour and a half later, I came back in, resigned to the fact that there would be no sewing, or painting, or drawing, or any other fun for mummy thing and got down to the business of laundry, vacuuming and tidying.

I had everything done, tidy and clean just in time for them to get home. And five minutes after they did, I was struck by how useless the whole thing had been since the living room already looked like a bomb had hit. I also got over that warm glow of having my kids back pretty quickly, since it only took them about fifteen minutes to find something to fight over. Something that there were two of, might I add.

So although I love them all, and I'm glad to have them back, I think I'll try and get them to go for a week next time.

*The dresses are for "Princess Day", coming up later this month... more on that later.

**It is really quite possible that I'm solar powered.

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