Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For Lack of Better Words.

I have, since before she was born, felt guilty about the fact that I wouldn't have as much one on one time with my second child. Kee and I wouldn't have that kind of one on one bonding opportunity until Beege started school; and even then, Beege ended up in afternoons so Kee slept the whole time.

Now that Kee has given up napping and we have a couple of hours to hang out together each afternoon, it's time to get that bonding ball rolling.

This afternoon, I sat down with Kee, my almost three year old and asked a few questions to find out what makes her tick.

An Interview With a Toddler.

Mommy: So, Kee, my little love...
Kee: *interrupting* I'm not love! I'm just KEE! And you're just Mummy.
M: Duly noted. So... where should we start? Did you have a good morning?
K: *grunt*
M: Good?
K: Yes.
M: Uhm. Well, what do you think you'd like to do when you're a grownup?
K: I'm not gonna go to the moon like the kid in the Gru movie.
M: *shrug* Okay then. What would you say is your favourite book?
K: *incredulous* Are you asking me what's my favourite book?
M: Uhm.. yes?
K: *frowning* Don't ask me what's my favourite book.
M: Okay then. How about your favourite toy?
K: *becoming agitated* Don't ASK ME my favourite TOY!
M: Favourite colour?
K: *calming down* Pink. And blue. Beege likes her favourite colour. That's her favourite colour that she likes. It's purple.
M: Do you like having a big sister?
K: *scowling* I LOVE Beege. Why are you asking me questions? Don't ask me QUESTIONS!

At this point, the interviewee stripped down to her diaper, grabbed her blankie and left. Then she sat across the room with her blankie over her head, glaring balefully at me with her one visible eye.

If I've discovered nothing else, I think I'm pretty safe in saying this: she interviews like a rock star. Or maybe Charlie Sheen.

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  1. "Winning!"

    Super cute! I never thought of interviewing the kidlets. I'll have to try that!