Friday, April 8, 2011

Movie Madness

Last night was movie night at Beege's school, and we had tickets for the first time. They had movie nights last year, but we never made it out. They start at 6:30, and our girls were going to bed about then; which makes people look at me like I'm nuts any time I mention it, but it totally worked for us.

Anyway. Since we've been putting the girls to bed at separate times, Beege ends up getting to bed at about 8:30. Movie night it is!

The only hitch being that I woke up in the morning feeling like someone had dragged me backwards behind a horse all night, and blowing a tonne of snot/blood out my nose. Lovely. I took drugs all day (non-drowsy, my ass, Buckley's!) and willed myself to feel better by movie time.

Beege, after getting over the fact that daddy wasn't coming, was pretty excited about our "mommy daughter date". I really didn't want to let her down, but just in case, I warned my husband that he might have to take her. Then I gently broke the news to her; she was unexpectedly accepting. Really, I was almost insulted.

When my husband got home, he slumped into the room and fell asleep on the couch. As we started getting ready to go, he was sitting in the bathroom with his head hanging over the toilet.O-kaaaay, I guess I'm taking her, no matter what's coming out my nose.

Movie night was... chaotic. They put chairs at the back for the adults and mats on the floor for the kids; apparently, the big people were only there in case the little people needed to go to the bathroom.

Having laid down the rules for Beege -- no running, no jumping, no yelling, and try not to spill your water -- I sat down with the other parents to watch "Despicable Me", a movie I totally love. (Kee is so Agnes, it's scary.) Or rather, to try and watch it, while ending up mostly watching everyone else not watch it.

There was running, there was yelling, there was random dancing, at one point someone tripped on the power cord for the DVD system and it had to be re-started. Back in the parental unit section, there was Emailing, cell-phoning and even someone watching a different movie on their iPad.

I'm pleased to say that Beege did an excellent job. She stayed sitting and watched the movie. At no point did she get up in the front and wiggle her bum at everyone or try to do hand puppets in front of the projector or steal someone else's popcorn, or run back and forth for no apparent reason; which are things that some of the other kids felt compelled to do.

Around halfway through, Beege came back and sat on my lap. We - okay, I - spilled her water all over the two of us, and my butt fell asleep. My drugs wore off partway through and I started feeling less floaty and more hurty again. I could hardly hear the movie, and once she came and sat on me, couldn't really see it either.

However, seeing the big grin on her face all night and hearing her tell her teacher today that she had a "super awesome time at movie night!" made it totally worth it.

Plus, I didn't have to clean up any husband vomit. Win!


  1. That does sound chaotic!! You are a good Mum for braving such an event! The DVD getting unplugged is classic.

  2. I haven't seen despicable me, but I want to! And I totally get the "HELLO PEOPLE, it's past BEDTIME!" thing. Geesh.

  3. @Jen: thanks :) I've got to make sure she's got some bright spots to remember from her dreary, overburdened childhood, right? :]

    @Rachel: When you do: Kee is Agnes. It's like they stalked her and made her into a cartoon.

  4. We put our son down at 6 every night for the longest time, then gradually we pushed it to 6.30. He has now (finally) made it to 7pm! Yay! Now he can actually go and do school stuff without having to throw off bedtime too much. It's almost more hassle than it's worth when he is too tired and cranky to enjoy it.